Jackson Hole December 1-3, 2017

Spent the Weekend in and around Jackson Hole, WY.  Came across an uncommon site of a large group of moose, 8 bulls and 2 cows, Friday evening.  On Saturday there were two groups of moose, one group of 6 and one of 14 in the same area along with several eagles and ravens that were feeding on gut piles from the deprivation hunt of the elk herds.  Sunday morning was cold and snowing and the moose were still in the same area as they had been the previous two days. Photoing in the snow was a challenge do to the poor lighting conditions and the moose were several yards off of the road. Along with the moose and eagles there were bighorn sheep on the refuge and they were just beginning their rut (mating season).

More Pictures from the trip coming soon….